Positive Behaviour Support Training

Redstone provides positive behaviour support training for organisations, schools and staff teams supporting people. A number of different levels of training are available depending on the organisations or services requirements, with courses covering different aspects of positive behaviour support.

Training at Redstone


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Training at Redstone

To ensure that all your staff understand PBS we offer a 'Train the Trainers' course for our one day Introduction to PBS - ensuring a cost effective way for organisations to train new staff.


Courses cover

- The value base of PBS

- The behavioural model and assessment

- Essentials of PBS interventions

- Active Support

- How to support skills development

- Practice leadership


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Positive Behavioural Support Training »

Download the PBS Training Leaflet here

Introduction to PBS (1 day)
This introductory course explains and gives examples of the key elements involved in PBS and how these elements apply to individuals with additional needs.

Course outline
·        Values, principles and definitions of PBS
·        Overview and origins of PBS
·        Understanding and recording of behaviours that challenge
·        Environmental contributions and intervention
·        Behaviour as communication
·        Proactive, active and reactive strategies

Intermediate PBS (1 day)
This course is aimed those who have completed a previous introductory course and require more understanding and knowledge of the scientific basis of PBS, descriptive assessments of behaviours that challenge and setting up and implementing proactive environmental interventions.
Course outline
·        Recap of definitions and functions
·        Development of PBS and overview
·        ABA: the scientific laws of behaviour
·        Practice leadership
·        Assessment and monitoring
·        PBS interventions

Train-the-trainer PBS course (1 day)
This course is directed towards those who wish to become introductory PBS trainers within their organisations. Individuals need to have completed both introduction and intermediate days.  The course encompasses presentation skills training and practice and a wider discussion of the materials.
Course Outline
·        A review of the materials
·        Opportunity to ask questions about the content and gain further background knowledge
·        Presentation practice and feedback

Implementing PBS Across Your Organisation (half day 3 hrs)
This workshop introduces how PBS can be implemented across an organisation and the benefits to people supported, staff and the health of the organisation.  It provides a brief overview off all the different areas and initiatives and the skills linked with the PBS Coalition PBS competence framework that need to be in place.

Workshop Outline
·        Review of PBS model
·        Review of the PBS coalition PBS Competence Framework
·        Organisation wide initiatives and interventions
·        Periodic service review


Active Support Training »

Download the Active Support Training Leaflet here

Introduction to Active Support (Half Day – 3 hours)
This is for all staff and includes an overview of what Active Support is and how it fits within a person-centred approach to support.

Course outline
·        History of active support
·        Different models of support
·        Active support and person-centred planning
·        A method for planning activity and support for individuals supported
·        How to break down a task into key stages
·        How to provide support that ensures participation and engagement
·        Methods for monitoring participation

Train the Active Support Coaches PBS (2 days)
This is an interactive training session that is for key staff and managers who will provide on the job coaching to direct care staff. Participants must have completed the Introduction to Active Support. This day provides key staff with the skills to coach and provide feedback to staff on how to engage each person supported. This training also involves five coaching sessions within support services where active support is being implemented.
Course outline
·        A brief review of day one in terms of activity and support planning
·        How to ensure consistent support approach that is person-centred
·        Developing coaching and feedback skills using experiential exercises
·        Using formal monitoring skills to assess engagement

Essentials of Skills Teaching »

Essentials of Skills Teaching (1 day)
This course is aimed at staff who have completed the Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support.  It provides a practical approach to planning and supporting people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism to learn new skills. It uses experiential teaching methods and trains staff in behaviour skills training techniques.
Course outline
·        Person centred planning approach for identifying new skills
·        Principles of learning
·        Task analysis
·        Different methods of teaching a new skill
·        Methods for monitoring skill learning

Behavioural Leadership Approach - Positive Feedback Training for leaders »

Behavioural Leadership Approach ( 1 day)
This course is aimed at staff who are in a leadership position and who have completed the Introduction and Intermediate levels of Positive Behaviour Support training or equivalent.  It provides a theoretical understanding of how staff behaviour is influenced and a practical approach to how to get the best from of everyone. It extends PBS principles to staff behaviour.

Course outline
·        Overview of scientific principles of behaviour
·        Role play examples
·        Role play experiences
·        Action planning for behavioural leadership