At Redstone, we provide behaviour consultancy services through our highly experienced behaviour consultants.  We provide specialist assessments and intervention support for both adults and children across the midlands and the north of the UK. Our behaviour consultants work with adults residential services supporting people who are at risk of presenting with behaviours of concern.  We also work directly with families and schools.

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Our Approach to Providing Behaviour Consultancy Services

We use a positive behaviour support approach for our behaviour consultancy services, because this is recommended in national guidance and it is an ethical, safe and effective approach.  Links for all national guidance documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

Key features of a PBS approach

  • Strong values base where punishment and aversive approaches are not used in response to behaviours of concern.
  • Based on our understanding of behavioural science, the overall aim is to look at ways in which we can increase behaviours which replace those that are of concern for the person and those around them.
  • Focus on quality of life improvements for the person and those around them
  • Consultation and co-production is at the heart of the approach, working collaboratively is essential to success.

Specialist Assessment

Key to providing the right interventions and supports is getting a good understanding of why someone might be presenting with a behaviours that is of concern. We gain this understanding through a functional behaviour assessment.

PBS outreach services

A functional behaviour assessment is a process which seeks to gain a thorough understanding of the person, the people around the person and behaviours which occur in the context in which they happen. As a result of this sort of assessment we can develop a bespoke individualised intervention plan and support to implement it.

A detailed functional behaviour assessment should take a minimum of 30 hours to complete and should be an in-depth process which gathers information from a number of different sources.  The assessment should include:

  • Meeting and talking with the person themselves if this is possible
  • Completing a structured interview with people around the person who spend the most time with them
  • Structured questionnaires and observations within the context where the behaviours occur and where the person spends time.

Behaviour Consultancy Services - Case Stories

We have a number of case stories of the PBS work that we have done with specific people supported, see links below. We also have some great feedback from CQC which illustrates the impact that PBS intiatives had on the evaluations, leading to ‘outstanding’


Links for National Guidance

Organisational Approach

In addition to behaviour consultancy for individual adults or children we provide a range of PBS consultancy services.  These include strategic development of organisation wide PBS for support services and school.  Our PBS services are award winning and our staff team have a high degree of experience working across the age range and across different contexts.

PBS for supported living

Adult Supported Living Services

PBS for schools


PBS mentoring

PBS Strategy Development

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