PBS Champion software is a cloud based system for recording and analysing behavioural incidents and restrictive interventions. This system provides accurate data both internally and to external agencies such as commissioners and CQC. 

PBS Champion saves organisations a significant amount of time compared to preparing similar information manually. The system provides the capability to record, monitor and analyse the following information at the individual, service and organisational level.

– Behavioural incidents

– Restrictive interventions

– PRN use.

The system also includes an integrated PBS plan format with support to complete clear and effective plans, meeting high quality standards.

System for recording and analysing behavioural incidents and restrictive interventions.

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PBS Champion Software

Retraint Reduction Six Core Strategies


PBS Champion software supports key elements Restraint Reduction Network Six Core Strategies:-

02 – Data collection and analysis

06 – Post incident support and post incident review

PBS Champion Software Key Features

Recording and Analysis of Behaviours of Concern

Recording and Analysis of Restrictive Interventions

Detailed Analysis

Integrated PBS Plan with Guidance (additional extra)

Alerts and Notification

Secure System

Who will use PBS Champion?

Support Staff 

Support staff can easily record behaviour incidents, including any restrictive practices used into the online PBS Champion system via a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The system prompts staff to include all essential information before they can save it to the system.

Service Managers

PBS Champion is an easy to use cloud based system.  It ensures service managers and team leaders are able to review behavioural incidents recorded by direct care staff, as well as analyse incident data.  It allows those responsible for specific services a birds eye view of what is happening in real time, at the touch of a button.

PBS Practitioners & Behaviour specialists

PBS Champion gives PBS practitioners and behaviour specialists access to the data that supports their assessment and understanding of the function of a behaviour. It supports the evaluation of interventions by tracking behavioural change over time; providing the ability to monitor improvements, provide feedback to staff teams and make changes to the PBS plan.

Senior Leaders, Governance & Quality Leads

PBS Champion helps an organisation make informed decisions about the effectiveness of their organisational approach to behaviour issues by providing insights into incidents, outcomes and interventions. PBS Champion provides organisations with the ability to easily compile quality assurance data for governance reporting.

What are the costs for PBS Champion?

Charges for PBS Champion are based on the number of people your organisation supports.  The licence to use the system is for a 12 month period.  There is also a £300 +VAT one off set up fee. 

Standard PBS Champion Software

Includes behaviour incident and restrictive intervention recording and full analysis

Optional Add-ons

Add one of our modules to enhance usability

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What people say about PBS Champion….

We looked at a number of systems for our services as we have moved to being paperless.  While we are using a care management system to store electronic information and record some basic care information, none of the systems we looked at ensures the right recording about behavioural incidents and restrictive interventions and none of them provide the kind of analysis that PBS Champion does. Its a big time saver for senior staff and it helps us to report information back to commissioners.

The integrated PBS plan provided in PBS Champion ensures that we can keep PBS plans up to date and relevant for teams supporting people.  It provides team leaders and service managers with the guidance to complete the plans, and update them on a regular basis without the problems of different versions being used. The system records the review and comments on any changes, while senior staff can gain oversight through reviewing changes made on the system by looking at different versions. We really think this will provide good evidence to CQC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PBS Champion support organisation or service wide PBS?

The system supports organisation or service wide PBS as it allows staff at different parts of the organisation to see the same information, to be able to analyse behaviours and to use data to inform decision making.  With the integrated PBS plan, which also includes a restraint reduction plan, your team can  make changes and edits based on the data gained through the system.

Is there a mobile version of the system?

Yes, there is a mobile version of the key form for staff to be able to add behavioural incidents on either a mobile phone or a tablet.  This is accessed through a weblink which can be saved to the home screen.  The rest of the systems for data analysis and adding in PBS plan information is accessed through the PC system.

How do we analyse the data?

While PBS Champion is fairly straight forward once you understand where everything is that you need, we have also created a free online training course on our On-line PBS training site.  Access to this is provided once the system has been purchased by your organisation.

Can information from the system be downloaded?

Yes, all reports, the PBS plan created and other information can be downloaded from the system as a PDF.  More detailed reports and data can be downloaded as a CSV file and opened in excel if required. The analysis pages are best saved through copying and pasting into another document. this ensure that a narrative description of the data can also be included.