Online PBS E-Learning Solutions

Online and on-demand PBS training is a great way for individual support staff to understand the key elements of Positive Behaviour Support. Releasing whole staff teams for PBS training can be a challenge for services.  This is why we designed our on-demand PBS e-learning site. We have a number of free short courses and longer more in depth training.  We also plan to provide the opportunity for practitioners to further develop their PBS expertise through courses on specific topics.  We have licence options for organisations for all our paid courses.

Click on the images below to explore or sign up (free) for the e-learning courses.

Free PBS Training

We aim to provide a number of short courses and on demand videos on topics related to positive behaviour support. Our aim with this free content is to help individuals and organisation at the start of their PBS journey.

One off Fee Courses

Our one fee courses provide short and longer courses of learning on a number of more specific and specialist topics related to positive behaviour support.  One off fee courses are usually accessible for 8 weeks.

Organisation Licences

A number of our online programmes will only be available to organisations to purchase.  Organisation licences will be for a 12 month period.  Staff members will be able to access the programme for free during this period.

If you are looking for face to face training or live webinar training for adult supported living services you can find this here

If you are looking for face to face training or live webinar for schools or colleges you can find this here

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