Matthew Pike – Principal

“Regarding the School wide Tier 1 system Redstone supported the school to implement.
Our children and young people want to develop and mature. The school wide expectations have given them a framework to do that. Alongside dedicated and caring staff they are now better equipped to self regulate and therefore make more academic progress. We have really valued the time and expertise from Redstone professionals.”

Angela Fletcher – Managing Director at Happy Futures

“Thank you so much, the PBS strategy review and development plan has been really helpful to us. We have realised how many elements of our support approach are already in line with PBS; it has helped us to identify where any gaps are, so that we can further develop our high quality specialist service.”


Registered Manager – Residential and Supported Living Services

“Using organisational behaviour management (OBM) to embed a management culture focused on positive reinforcement, introducing us to a functional living skills assessment, supporting the development of the Periodic Service Review, pushing for practice leads, tracking the engagement of the people we support and ultimately collecting and using data that support decision making, I believe have contributed to the improvement in the quality of life of the people supported and better working conditions for the staff teams.”

‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for the support Redstone has given the service as the remarkable achievement of the ‘outstanding’ CQC ratings attainable.’


Head of Clinical Services

We like the way Redstone works as the staff teams are always happy to put agreed plans into place, which get results. We don’t have the usual issues of teams not following plans with Redstone involved.

Justine Bailey – Director of Trafford Parents Forum

Redstone’s introductory PBS session for our parent forum group in Trafford was so useful; it really led me new ideas and solutions that I hadn’t thought of before. Understanding how all behaviour works really opened my eyes to the cycles we can get stuck in.”


Sandy Toogood (BCBA-D) – Behaviour Analyst Behaviour Solutions

Redstone have been providing PBS services for individuals and organisations supporting people for a number of years. During this time, through my regular contact with the team, I can say that they have worked with some complex issues and have made significant positive changes for the people and the organisations they have worked with.