Active Support Coaching in Practice Programme

One and half workshop days & one day in vivo coaching

£3640.00* +VAT for a group of 10

Active Support is an approach to supporting people with additional needs to participate fully in their daily lives.

This Active Support Coaching in Practice Programme provides key staff with the skills to coach their teams in Active Support.  As a primary/proactive intervention within the Positive Behaviour Support framework, the aim of Active Support is to improve quality of life. The Active Support approach provides a system where managers and senior staff learn specific skills to coach their teams to maximise engagement, participation and increase independence. 

Target Audience 

Managers of teams, Team Leaders, Senior Support workers, PBS practitioners and PBS leads

Workshop Contents 

Day 1 – Half day Introduction to Active Support. We review the theory and practice of Active Support resources and the material for introducing staff teams to Active Support and the interactive training model 

Day 2 – Full day Coaching practices. We look at the Interactive training model. Delegates learn and demonstrate specific coaching skills and verbal feedback 

Day 3 – Full day in vivo coaching for four participants. Coaching the coaches’ sessions are planned for four participants within the support setting they work. We have found that this element is essential to ensure Active Support is put into practice after training sessions have finished 

 Learning Outcomes 

• Gain a thorough understanding of Active Support 

• Understand where Active Support fits within a PBS framework of proactive interventions 

• Understand the different approaches to coaching staff and have practiced these both in the workshop setting and in vivo 

• Demonstrate training and coaching staff teams using the Active Support model to maximise 

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