We had our senior leadership meeting this week. I asked for feedback on how the first cohort found the PBS Coaching in Practice programme. It was overwhelmingly positive; with a number agreeing that it was the best training that they have EVER undertaken. Thank you so much!

Rachelle Russell – Operations Director, Bright Futures Care

Really well delivered, it was so good to see my team’s enthusiasm and for them to have light bulb moments relating to the things I know that are issues within their teams. The trainer was really knowledgeable and has lots of real life examples from her experiences which is very powerful. All of the workshop days were excellent!

Jill Lockett – Operations Manager, Bolton Cares

For our two new PBS Leads, the PBS Coaching in Practice Programme has been a great way to provide them with additional up to date training, giving them ideas and tools to use with the teams they support. Both staff have fed back how excellent the course is and how good the trainer was. This has worked well for us alongside the regular mentoring sessions provided by Redstone PBS.

Belinda Bradley – Head of Positive Behaviour Support Macintyre

I have been so pleased with the PBS Coaching in Practice Programme provided by Redstone PBS. Its provided staff within our organisation a really good understanding of PBS and also a tool kit to support them in their role. I think the folders are brilliant well laid out that enable the learning to continue. The check lists ensure that the different areas are being filled out correctly keeping everyone focused. No other company offers this which can be used as continuous learning without having to have a tutor.
The coaching sessions will be invaluable in ensuring staff have someone external to our organisation to talk to about implementing PBS. I have been especially pleased with the many tools provided within the training and we have now started using these within our own electronic paper free system.

Ruth Worley CEO – Supporting Independence

Regarding the School wide Tier 1 system Redstone supported the school to implement.
Our children and young people want to develop and mature. The school wide expectations have given them a framework to do that. Alongside dedicated and caring staff they are now better equipped to self regulate and therefore make more academic progress. We have really valued the time and expertise from Redstone professionals.

Matthew Pike – Principal