PBS Development Day

One day strategy workshop for leaders and key staff

 £995.00* +VAT per workshop – available online or in person

Is your organisation looking to implement Positive Behavioural Support,  but you are not clear where to start?

There is plenty of guidance about what good PBS looks like and how commissioners want to see PBS working in services, but there’s very little direction about where to start. A good way to solve this problem is to book one of our PBS development days. We will review what you already have in place and give you clear guidance on what to do next. It’s a great way to bring all your team together and get everyone on the same page. Every organisation needs its own PBS strategy, with the benefit of our experience of working with many organisations, we can support you to make the right start in developing yours.

After the workshop you receive a report which outlines the details of your review, all the opportunities for development identified and the key areas which were discussed as priorities on the development day. 

We can also provide support with implementation of your PBS strategy, including policy development, PBS plans, training for staff, train the trainers and coaches programmes.

To find out more about PBS Development Day and how Redstone can help your organisation to develop your PBS strategy, contact us. 

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For all Organisations

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For Schools & Colleges

• Whole School Introduction to PBS (Level 1)

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*Travel costs and any overnight stays are in addition to the quoted price for each workshop or course