Intensive PBS Outreach

Redstone provides intensive PBS outreach services, individually commissioned, to work proactively with families and schools to prevent unnecessary moves for adults and young people.

Supporting people effectively to live in and access their local community, reducing the need for expensive support services far away from family and friends is the key aim of Redstone PBS.



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PBS outreach services

We work closely with commissioners, schools and families to

- Ensure there is a clear understanding of the functions of behaviours that challenge.

- Plan and implement positive behavioural support interventions to increase quality of life and reduce behaviours that challenge.

- Provide on-going support with regard to implementing and monitoring interventions to ensure there are efficient and effective changes.



PBS outreach services

How the Outreach Service Works

A professional from Redstone PBS completes and initial assessment with the person, their family and current support service provider or residential schools.  This helps us to identify the level of support and intervention required for the first 6-12 months. A review of the level of support required is completed at an agreed point. The aim is to establish the right environment and support skills so that the level of intensive PBS can be gradually reduced.

PBS outreach services


See our PBS page for more information about positive behaviour support and our pages on supported living, schools and colleges for the services we provide. Contact us for more information or an informal discussion.