Positive Behaviour Support

Positive behaviour support solutions. Redstone PBS works with organisations supporting or educating adults and children. We work with people who are at risk of behaviours that challenge. We use a positive behaviour support approach to assessment and interventions. The aim of PBS is to increase functional and academic skills.

Positive Behaviour Support

- Assessments and interventions for specific children and adults.

- Identifying the reason for behaviours that challenge

- Person centered PBS plans.

Redstone PBS is based in Manchester. We provide PBS services across the North-West and UK wide.

PBS in schools

Positive Behaviour Support

Strategy Development

Redstone works with organisations to develop and put into place their organisation wide PBS strategy.  We work with adult support services and schools and colleges. 

Contact us to find out about our six session strategy development service.

Positive behaviour support
Positive behaviour support

We provide measureable Outcomes:-

✓ Improve the quality of life and opportunities for the focus person and those around them

✓ Reduce any behaviours that challenge through person-centred, ethical and evidence based approaches.

✓ Increase academic engagement.

✓ Increase new skills.

Winner of the Inclusive Practice Award 2018!

We are very pleased to have won this award from the Restraint Reduction Network. Won jointly with the team from MacIntyre for PBS interventions implemented over the last 2 years.  The person now lives in his own home in the community following discharge from an assessment and treatment unit. Interventions and support have resulted in a massive reduction in behaviours that challenge and psychoactive medication has been discontinued.

Positive behaviour support

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PBS Approach  - PBS increases an individual’s quality of life.  This is achieved through adapting the support that the person receives.  In this way their needs are met more effectively. Providing new opportunities and skill development is also key to the PBS approach. Behaviours that challenge become redundant due to changes in the support provided.  The development of alternative behavioural skills ensures that the person has appropriate alternative behaviours.