PBS Approach

The PBS approach has strong value base, keeping the person at the centre and promoting valued social roles for people in society. An essential part of PBS is the scientific understanding of how all behaviour works. 

PBS isn't just one type of intervention but is a multi-component framework, this means that multiple interventions are used to create positive change.

Essential elements are

- Understanding of why behaviours that challenge occur ‘functional assessment’.

- Assessment of the context in which the behaviours occur such as the broader social and physical environment.

-The inclusion of those people who know the person well in the assessment and intervention planning.

What the 'POSITIVE' in Positive Behaviour Support means:

The main aim of Positive Behaviour Support is to increase an individual’s quality of life by increasing opportunities and skills. An increase in quality of life has the effect of reducing behaviours that challenge.  When a person needs are met and they have the skills to gain what they want in a safe and  effective way behaviours that challenge become redundant.

PBS approach

PBS is sometimes called positive behavioural support, because the emphasis is on using a behavioural approach. However, the term 'positive behaviour support' is also in common use.


PBS approach

There are a number of further resources and information about positive behaviour support. Please see the links opposite.


All people can display behaviours that challenge. These behaviours serve a function, they work for us by serving a purpose or meeting our needs in some way. A PBS approach does not aim to control or manage people or their behaviour but strives to support the person to develop

alternative skills to have their needs met in ways that do not present a challenge and that do not limit their access to social environments. PBS strives to open up people’s worlds and allow them to access, develop and grow in all qualities of life.


The PBS Academy also provides clear guidance both on the competency required to practice PBS and standards for PBS training.