PBS Supervision and Mentoring

PBS Supervision and support from Redstone is a great way to ensure that the knowledge, skills and experience we have are cascaded through an organisation or school so that maximum value is gained from our involvement.

PBS Supervsion and Support

Through regular supervision and support with professionals experienced in implementing PBS staff are provided with access to up-to-date practice, research and evidence, as well as on-going support.

Clinical supervision or support for PBS leads

Redstone can provide the skilled staff within your organisation with an appropriate level of supervision for their individual clinical practice. This can involve support around functional assessments, intervention planning and implementation as well as organisational PBS strategy development and implementation. We can provide formal supervision for staff who are enrolled on a relevant qualification such as a post graduate diploma in PBS.


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Ensuring that staff and professionals within an organisation have access to people with a greater degree of knowledge and experience that themselves has a number of positive outcomes.

PBS Supervsion and Support

The professionals providing supervision and support at Redstone PBS are all highly qualified and have a number of years supervised practice themselves.  The competences of our professionals map onto the PBS Academy Competence framework at the higher consultant level.

We value supervision and support highly ourselves, which is why we access this from professionals with a high level of experience in PBS.


Positive Outcomes for your Organisation

1. Your staff will develop their skills in PBS whilst also working on issues within your organisation that are relevant to the overall outcomes for the adults or young people you support or provide education for.

2. The level of competence across your organisation increases as the the person we work with cascades their knowledge further to other staff and teams.

3. Working with behaviours that challenge can be stressful and there are often risks to the person and others involved. Your staff and professionals will not feel alone in dealing with complex issues, leading to less stress for them and lower chances of staff turnover for your organisation.

4. Avoid wasting resources and the 'train and hope' approach. Without practice based supervision your organisation risks wasting significant resources by sending staff on training that only gives them the theory.  Even if staff gain a diploma in PBS they need practice based supervision to put theory into practice. Ensure resources aren't wasted and your staff and your organisation develops the PBS competencies needed to get the best outcomes for everyone through practice based supervision.