PBS – Behaviour Support in Schools

Behaviour Support in Schools.  Behaviours that challenge can significantly impact on a child's ability to learn and access the school curriculum. 

Redstone provides

• Assessments to identify the reasons why behaviours that challenge occur  and plans to reduce those behaviours

• Interventions to increase academic engagement for children who may be difficult to reach.

• Ways of measuring progress of children who are not yet at national curriculum levels

• Help schools to reduce use of restraints and seclusion.

Behaviour Support in Schools

We provide behaviour support for schools that are specialist as well as schools who are supporting a minority of children with SEN within the context of a mainstream school.

PBS Strategy Development for Schools

School-wide PBS approach puts interventions into place across a school system, these can work effectively for the majority of children whereas small groups and specific children may require more specialised interventions.

Behaviour Support in Schools
PBS for schools

The 'Prevent Teach Reinforce' model of PBS can support teachers and TA's to put into place proactive strategies, reducing behaviours that challenge and cutting out the need for trial and error. See our training and workshops page

Behavioural Interventions for Academic Success

Behaviours that challenge, in schools settings, can often be linked with issues around the young person struggling to engage with academic work  for a variety of reasons. Behaviour support in schools can also be used to create the conditions of successful engagement in reading, writing and mathematics. The solutions for behaviours that challenge and increasing academic engagement often work well together.

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