For Supported Living

Providing good support is essential to a high quality of life for people with disabilities and the prevention of behaviours that challenge.

Redstone can provide a number of services to organisations to ensure PBS becomes well established as a model of support.

See our PBS implementation model.

For individuals we can provide:

✓ Detailed functional assessment, to determine reasons why behaviours that challenge occur.
✓ PBS interventions and plans

✓ Support for staff teams for PBS implementation.
✓ On-going monitoring of behavioural changes and evaluation of interventions.

✓ We can also provide supervision and support to key staff in your organisation.

At an organisational level we can support you with:

✓ PBS strategy planning.

✓ Training in PBS - see our training page.

✓ Setting up standards around PBS, periodic service review (PSR).

✓ Implementation of organisation wide initiatives, such as active support or independent skill development

Contact us to find out how we work with providers of supported living